Sunday - 10AM Worship Service | Tues.nite live - 6PM


801 College Avenue
Racine, WI 53403



Welcome to New Covenant Church, We invite you to worship with us!We are a family, proclaiming the love, deliverance and grace of God, as found in God's Word. All are welcome at NCC.

New Covenant Church, passionately known as NCC, Believe that God loves all of creation. And through Jesus Christ we are brought into fellowship with God.

We are a ministry of deliverance with a heart for the homeless. We believe in training and equipping God's people to walk in victory by preaching the Word of God. Freedom, by the power of God, has been made available to all who would receive. It's an experience available by the power of God's love. As we work and worship together we find that our faith grows.

You're free to express praise unto God in an atmosphere of worship. God pours out His blessings upon us every hour, of each day. Our service to Him is our worship. Worship is our offering to God. You're invited to come and experience the power of worship at one of our services.

At NCC, you will discover the many biblical warfare tools available to you, as a believer. Our website is just the introduction to the spirit of our church. We win in Christ Jesus! We want you to feel at home and comfortable here. We are pleased to welcome you as part of a growing and diverse Christian community.

Please join us for an upcoming worship service. There’s a place for you here at NCC.